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UK Somerset based product photographer. Are you looking to improve your photography on your website, Etsy page or Amazon store? Good quality photography really can make or break your brand. You don’t want customers to shy away once they hit the checkout.

Small Business?

We offer discount product photography for students, side hustles and businesses with two or less people. 

"I just need the photos edited for my website"

If you already have product photography and need them web-ready for your website, Etsy page, Amazon store or for print, we have a team of local Somerset photo retouchers ready to take on any requests.

We are UK based in the green fields of Somerset

We don’t just offer our photography and photo editing services to businesses in Somerset or even the South West. We take on projects from around the world including Europe, America & Canada. We do love our local clients however, as we can build our community together.

"How much does product photography cost?"

We could talk about the value of photography until the cows come home (we see a lot of cows here). But let’s get to the point, how much will this cost? We like to do things as easy as possible here, so below is our simple photography price guide.

Pack shot photography of Straws.

Product Photography & Retouching

£40 per complete image

All product photography (packshots) fully edited for web and print. Large and small JPGs, PNG’s. Please let us know if you have certain requirements.

Lifestyle tea photograph with cake on a table.

Still Life Photography

We will have to quote you on this one!

When it comes to still life photography, you may hear “How long’s a piece of string”. Unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all, it’s subject to requirements.

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Somerset Product Photography

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